From Green Apartments we make it easy for you to book the best experiences you can have in Seville.

The Light matters to us

A lot. Our apartments are located in very illuminated spaces by the best light in the world. The sun of Seville. There isn’t a light more cheerful and vital, and only when the sun sleeps, we turn on our light bulbs to contribute to sustainable behaviour.

A flow of sensations

Arriving to Seville is experimenting an inexhaustible flow of sensations. Laughter, light, gastronomy, a flow that will make you remember your visit for a long time and invites you to come again. When you arrive to rest and enjoy our apartments, we offer you an other flow in form of a pleasant shower, which we remember the daily living without depleting the natural resources like water. Our water savers will allow you to enjoy your shower and take care of the water resources so important for all.

The aroma of nature

Offering our guests clean and ordered spaces with aromatic cleaners nice with the people and the planet. Nature offers us the possibility of cleaning and aromatize without contaminants and without altering the natural sensations. Our products clean and take care of you and your others.

A pleasant feeling of wellness

When our guests arrive to one of our apartments, a pleasant sensation of wellness invades you thanks to the different perceptions that the light, the design and the environment gives you. Obviously a pleasant environment needs an intelligent air conditioning that offers comfort keeping in mind the optimal management of energy. Our climate control systems have sensors that regulate the temperature efficiently and allow you to enjoy a sense of wellness while being respectful to the planet.

Our most popular apartments

Apartments located in the historic center of Seville, named the best city in the World 2018 to visit according to Lonely Planet.

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Green Apartments Altos de Santa Cruz

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Green Apartments Mansión Blue Catedral

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Green Apartments Giralda Views

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